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Family Optometrists In
Kincardine, Ontario

The eye doctors at Kincardine Family Eye Care believe in looking at the big picture when it comes to your eye health. We take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Dr. Emanuele Tomaini & Dr. Kevin van Houten know that getting the right prescription involves balancing several factors, including clear eyesight, visual efficiency, and your ability to process visual information seamlessly.


Feel confident knowing your eyes are properly cared for by our Kincardine optometrists, with yearly comprehensive routine eye exams, professional care & advice, and top-of-the-line equipment.


Our eye care professionals genuinely care about your health and are dedicated to providing exceptional personal service to everyone who walks through our door. Visit us for exceptional eye care.


We provide quality eye care - from babies to seniors. Whether you're in need of an eye exam, corrective lenses, diagnosis or long-term treatment, our Kincardine eye doctors can help.

Getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care. However, even if your vision is sharp, it is important to have regular eye exams with an optometrist.

Whether you need a routine eye exam or one of our many eyecare services such as: an eyeglasses fitting, treatment for an eye disease (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy) or even eye surgery such as LASIK or cataract surgery, our dedicated optometrists in Kincardine will provide you with expert care, advice, options and follow-up.

Dr. Wayne King
Dr. Emanuele Tomaini

Excellent Vision In 3-Easy Steps At Kincardine Family Eye Care

First Step:

Book an Appointment

You can do so online or call us at 519-396-4230 today! Our eye exams will vary from patient to patient, depending on the health of the individual and their visual needs.

Second Step:

Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

Dr. Emanuele Tomaini will determine your prescription for glasses and/or contact lenses and will evaluate your eyes for any eye diseases.

Third Step:

Feel Confident About Your Eyewear Prescription

Feel confident and assured that your eyes are well taken care of. If you're in need of glasses or contact lenses, our dedicated staff will help you find your perfect fit.

Looking Good in Designer Frames

  • Ray-Ban
  • Silhouette
  • Nike Eyewear
  • Guess?
  • Lacoste
  • Marchon

For emergency eye care, come immediately to our vision center. Our team is ready to look after your eye care needs at our convenient Kincardine eye care clinic.

We provide both routine eye care and a huge range of optical choices. We accept Medicare and a number of private health insurance plans to help cover the costs.

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Our Patients Say It Best...
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Kincardine Family Eye Care has good staff with great service. Every appointment they go above and beyond to make sure the needs of their customers are met! Thank you Kincardine Family Eye Care.
12 months ago
- Jordan V.